The Bergamot – Where the Wind Blows



The Bergamot – Where the Wind Blows

After all the social distancing and lockdown measures we’ve been through over the past two years, “Where the Wind Blows” feels like a much-needed clarion call to maybe worry a little less and live life a little more.

“Where the Wind Blows” is the new single by The Bergamot, comprised of high school sweethearts Jillian Speece (vocals/cajón) and Nathaniel Paul Hoff (vocals/guitar/keyboard) who call Brooklyn, NY their home when they’re not touring – which they currently do. The gorgeous track will be on their upcoming seventh full-length album Far Out, accompanied by a 90 minutes documentary “State of the Unity”(2022).

The song’s bright and optimistic vibe is what makes it so easily appealing and utterly irresistible, like dancing on a bed of summer flowers.

Listen to “Where the Wind Blows,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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