Rose Brokenshire – Better Now



Rose Brokenshire

Rose Brokenshire – Better Now

It is the little things that create lasting happiness in life. In her new song “Better Now,” Canadian singer/songwriter Rose Brokenshire shares how she has reached a more joyful place in her life and invites you to follow in her steps. She recalls:

“I wanted to make something that honoured the journey of growth – something that expressed love for both the ups and downs, the light days and dark days, and the tools I found most healing during a more desolate chapter of my life. I made this music to self-soothe; to share a tangible piece of my healing journey that I can listen to and feel proud of, and to serve as a reminder to always be gentle with yourself.”

“With “Better Now,” Rose continues on the musical path she started with “In A Spell” in 2020, enriching her acoustic roots with a subtle, bright electronic production.

Listen to “Better Now,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

Connect with Rose Brokenshire.
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