Meg Mac – On Your Mind



Meg Mac – On Your Mind

Australian soulful pop artist Meg Mac follows the success of her brilliant “Is It Worth Being Sad” with the ultra-gorgeous “On Your Mind.” The down-tempo track starts out exquisitely laid-back, with a heavy dose of soul, and then heads in a slightly more pop direction with some unexpected twists and turns, rendering “On Your Mind” to an irresistible piece of beauty.

The special appeal of “On Your Mind” is influenced by the song’s long-distance collaboration between Sydney and L.A., with producer duo Donuts (H.E.R., Kendrick Lamar). Meg says about the experience:

I sent the Donuts a simple vocal and piano demo and some references for the mood I was thinking. But it was pretty loose, they could do whatever they wanted. One day they sent a video from the studio of a tiny snippet, I played it on repeat I was so obsessed.

She continues:

They tore it apart and flipped it completely, when I heard the full song I was so confused and excited. My BV’s had become the chorus, they chopped up all these vocals, moved everything around, changed all the chords.

Listen to “On Your Mind,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Enjoy a live version of “On your Mind,” recorded in Golden Retriever studio:

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