Rainlights – When My Phone Dies




Rainlights – When My Phone Dies

This year the smartphone as we know it turns 15 years, and there is much discussion and ridicule about how we all are addicted to it. However, Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Rachel Chevat aka Rainlights takes a different angle and confronts us with a simple truth: “When My Phone Dies,” you are disconnected to others and alone with your thoughts.
Rachel’s intimate debut single may sound at first like a bedroom production, but it is more than that. There is a lot to discover in the minimalist song structure, and it does not come as a surprise that Rachel holds a master’s degree in audio production.

She explains:

“When My Phone Dies is my ode to nostalgia, distance, and distractions. Although there is beauty in being present, it can also be a scary state of mind, and when screens are available it is much easier to forget about the world than it is to be alone in a room with yourself. I wanted to create a song which contrasted the beauty and pain of that feeling when your phone dies and your only company is your own mind.”

Listen to “When My Phone Dies,” our Song Pick of the Day on SoundCloud and Spotify:

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