E-Prime – Stop Runnin’ [Video]



E-Prime – Stop Runnin’ [Video]

Montreal is very much on my mind these days because I am traveling there again soon and of course thanks to its excellent music scene. Naturally, I am always curious when I learn about new music from Canada’s second-most populous city.

Quel surprise! While electronic synth-pop sibling duo E-Prime didn’t ring a bell, their previous formation, Doomsquad, did since I’ve seen them several times live and we covered them on glamglare before too. Looks like Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas moved from Toronto to Montreal, because that’s where they’re based now. Their new single “Stop Runnin'” is beautifully chill, with playful touches and a mesmerizing production.

Asked about “Stop Runnin”, Jaclyn Blumas says:

“Stop Runnin” was written about an intense best friend breakup. Changing through the passage of time, we can sometimes fall out of sync with the people who we thought would walk beside us forever. Major events can transform us and staying in touch with yourself and your friends keeps you real. It can feel like hard work sometimes, but it’s a gift worth the effort. The no closure, lingering disconnect from a friend who has always “seen” you feels like a glass splinter in your foot: it’s awkward and makes your whole body squirm.

This track is about finding that balance between self love, friendship and empowerment.  Community is and will always be what fuels me, but you still gotta prioritize your self-love first, you’ll be a better friend this way. Doesn’t matter how much of a powerhouse, mega babe with all the talent in the world you are, “making it” can’t be enjoyed if you gotta climb over your friends to sit on a throne alone. Stop runnin’, start loving yourself!

Without taking anything away from this powerful reminder, let’s memorize it once more: Stop runnin’, start loving yourself, and let’s do so best by enjoying the gorgeous track!

Listen to “Stop Runnin’,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the accompanying video too:

Connect with E-Prime and add “Stop Runnin'” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo credit: Aabid Youssef

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