Riches – The Frequency



Riches – The Frequency

“The Frequency” is Riches‘s magnificent and utterly irresistible new single. Behind Riches are Catherine McCandless (Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer) who created “The Frequency” together with producer/composer Dan Lissvik (studio/Atelje).

Riches is a multidisciplinary, intercontinental collaboration of music, dance, and performance. Songs are the first iteration of the project, and take a narrative approach to themes concerning the performance of creative rituals, identity, transgression, and devotion.

Following two gorgeous prior singles, “The Frequency” evokes warm, sunny, and cozy feelings thanks to the 80s-tinged synths and the super likable and enchanting vocals.

Asked about their new single, Riches explain:

The frequency is: being swept up, being in love, longing and belonging, soothing and alive. It is a calling on the ethereal to take on form, on music to bring touch and connection over the frontiers of physical walls and distances.

Listen to “The Frequency,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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