Cillë – Kill or Be Killed




Cillë – Kill or Be Killed

Power games in relationships can be challenging, even when there is no literal killing. “Kill or Be Killed”, the new song by Cillë is “about toughening up in the name of love” and having fun with it. The energetic and upbeat glam rock track features exuberant guitars and laughs in the face of current pop music trends.

Cillë says about the song:

“It’s been a long time coming; I wrote it with my friend Alex Puddu almost 10 years ago but it got put on the backburner as I was busy in bands where this song just didn’t fit. Still, I’ve just kept coming back to it, and I am so ridiculously excited to finally put it out. It represents so well who I am as an artist, and I am so ready to embrace it!”

Cillë is the stage name of Cecilie Maria, who has been creating music for many years in New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark. She also had three glamorous appearances at glamglare showcases (here, here and here). This year, she will be releasing more new music, starting with the equally beautiful “Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” on May 27.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Kill or Be Killed,” here:

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