Haiines – Groovin’



Haiines – Groovin’

Emma Haines does everything herself from composing to singing, to producing. Under the artist name Haiines, she creates beautifully lush house music that is as retro as it is futuristic and definitely irresistible.

“Groovin'” focuses on one sentiment, and one only: “groovin’ to the music, groovin’ every night” and we believe her that she does exactly that in her home town Perth, Western Australia where there are no frosty cold days ever. We are happy to chime in and get that body movin’, and we keep on groovin’ while enjoying her previous singles “Hot” and “Turn.” So good. More of this, please!

Listen to “Groovin’,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Haiines and add “Groovin'” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo credit: Jess Wharehinga

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