Jillian Lake – Steady Hands



Jillian Lake

Jillian Lake – Steady Hands

Sometimes things don’t feel right in life. In “Steady Hands” Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Jillian Lake recounts such a time in a reflective, intimate song that evolves around a gentle acoustic guitar line.

Jillian explains:

“I wrote this single when I was heartbroken living on the 22nd floor of an apartment right off Sunset Beach in Vancouver. I would sit in the living room and stare out at the most beautiful sunset over the horizon, and think – how can I not feel happy in this moment? I twistedly love the aching feeling because that’s what inspires my art. I am majorly influenced by my surroundings, my day to day, the people I see on the bus, the mundane walk to work, the sad sunset – I let it all affect how I’m feeling and that in turn comes out in my writing.”

“Steady Hands” will be on her upcoming album. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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