Ruby Greenberg – Roses



Ruby Greenberg – Roses

Ruby Greenberg is a fantastic singer and storyteller. Immediately captivated by her gorgeous vocals, I was equally smitten by the narrative and the words she has chosen to create her new single “Roses.” This is music that makes you pause for a moment so that beauty can fill your senses, like a refreshing four-minute mediation.

Asked about “Roses,” the New York via Colorado songwriter says:

I first wrote “Roses” sitting at my kitchen table, tinkering on the guitar in the morning. I was deep inside the music but somehow also aware of the sun hitting the walls, the cat in the armchair, the candle at the window, parts of my room that brought me comfort. As the song took shape, I began thinking of how I wanted to meet my loved ones in their own special place, never correcting or changing but only asking gently to be let in. “I won’t disturb the space that you’ve created. I will bring roses for your table.” The song became an invitation to know each other fully, and give love when we are shown someone’s true self.

Listen to “Roses,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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