DC Gore – I Like You [Video]



DC Gore – I Like You [Video]

The synth-pop banger “I Like You” marks the third single from DC Gores upcoming debut album All These Things, out July 29th on Domino Records. Irresistibly catchy, “I Like You” is only on the surface carefree and easygoing because the song’s sentiment goes deeper. “I Like You” is an introspective view of what DC Gore likes and doesn’t like but essentially prompts the listener to do some soul searching too.

DC Gore (Dominic Gore) says about the inspiration for “I Like You:”

A few years ago I came across Tish Murtha’s photos of juvenile jazz bands in 1970s Newcastle and just fell in love with them. That the joy and release of music can fulfil such a positive societal function reminded me of the hope and longing for grace at the heart of the song, that even with all the cynicism there is something magical there too.

Clearly, these photos inspired the visuals of the accompanying video, directed and edited by Niall Trask. The result is a bittersweet cinematic sweep, with sprinkles of hope and joy. Regarding his upcoming album, DC Gore says:

It’s a very real possibility that we might be living in the end times, you know? This might be how we’re going to go out. And we’ve got this incredible opportunity to experience life, so why not make the most of it?

And suddenly, DC Gore is no longer just cynical or satirical but spot-on wise! This sentiment resonates with me and I am definitely joining him in making the most of this incredible opportunity.

Listen to “I Like You,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

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Photo credit: Holly Whitaker.

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