Liz Cass – Human



Liz Cass

Liz Cass – Human

“Does it make me less human,” asks U.K. based singer/songwriter Liz Cass in her new emotive single “Human.” She refers to the mental readjustments that we all have been gone through since the pandemic arrived. The elegant, dramatic synthpop production fits perfectly with the heaviness of the thoughts in her mind.

Liz recalls:

“‘Human’ was one of the first songs I wrote in 2021. It came off the back of the second lockdown which had more of an effect on me and made me feel more isolated than the first one early on in the pandemic. I guess the sentiments of the lyrics are that we are all just human and muddling through. Some take it harder than others and struggle more, but we shouldn’t really compare our coping strategies with other people.”

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