Carly Shea – Brush it Off



Carly Shea

Carly Shea – Brush it Off

Here at glamglare we are big fans of NYC-based singer and songwriter Carly Shea since her 2020 track “Forever.” Now she is back with brand new music, which adds a good dose of soulfulness to her synth-pop sound. The new swanky, feel-good song “Brush It Off” is about an exercise probably all of us have to do to maintain sanity: taking a break from pondering about problems.

Carly says about the song:

“‘On Brush It Off’, I wanted to write a song that is the opposite of how I’ve been feeling; the small problems we fixate on and the bigger existential questions— at some point it becomes too much and you need to exhale. Writing ‘Brush It Off’ was a way to temporarily get out of that headspace and allow myself to feel light and let go. An escapist track to vibe to :).”

(Photo: Kenny Sun)

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