Sofie Mathiasen – Magnetic Love



Sofie Mathiasen

Sofie Mathiasen – Magnetic Love

Sofie Mathiasen currently attends school in Vienna but she comes from a diverse background and was raised in South America. Her first single, “Magnetic Love,” is an intimate but catchy pop song about the push and pull of a complicated relationship. She is currently working on more material for an EP, and if her debut is any indication, we’re up for a real treat.

Sofie says about the song:

“Hi! My name is Sofie Mathiasen, and I think everyone has a story worth being told. I watched, for years as two friends of mine struggled through a toxic relationship, hurting each other but also being the others source of asylum. They may as well have been magnets: they always found their way back to each other. I may have never experienced love, but I asked both of them their own perspective, and took it upon myself to put they way they felt about one another in the form of a song. I wanted to take something ugly and somehow make it beautiful. I wrote magnetic love just for that.”

Listen to “Magnetic Love” below on Bandcamp or Spotify:

(Photo: Lorenz Magg)

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