smallmint – The Dark



smallmint – The Dark

Something small can be very powerful, like a mini peppermint which can be all that’s needed to feel refreshed. Irish indie-rockers smallmint (lower case, of course) released the irresistibly catchy “The Dark” the last single from their atmospheric debut album where we all end up in the end. Indeed that’s an interesting question, and the answer lies luckily (?!) in the dark. I guess smallmint know a good deal about their deep subject matter, hence “The Dark, Pt. 1 & 2” and an additional, shorter radio edit.

We hope that song gets some heavy radio play as it is in the very best indie rock tradition, with lovely guitars and great vocals and full of feelings and good vibes.

Speaking of the album’s production, smallmint’s frontman Cameron-Braithwaite says:

We wanted the album to feel natural and to actually sound like a band playing live in a room, which is exactly how it was recorded. It was important for us to keep that space and energy in the recordings — no need for overproduction or too many overdubs, so that the arrangement of the music and the emotion within the lyrics could speak for themselves.

Listen to “The Dark,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the album too:

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Photo credit: Christopher Mckay

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