Mayfly – Black Water [Video]




Mayfly – Black Water [Video]

Being among people but still feeling alone and isolated – is what Charlie and Emma of the Montreal duo Mayfly go through in their new song “Black Water.” Musically and visually, in the video directed by Adrian Villagomez, they describe the struggle from two perspectives that come together to create a haunting experience.

Charlie and Emma have produced the string-heavy, cinematic track themselves. They say about the song:

“‘Black Water’ is one of our most honest and vulnerable works to date. We are opening up on some of the darkest moments that both of us have gone through mentally. Through the video that we shot for this track, we tried to illustrate in the most visually striking and realest way possible, how someone can be feeling so unwell without anyone noticing or reaching out. We are so happy and proud to have this single open the door to a new chapter for us as artists, especially since it encapsulates the essence of the album that we will be releasing.”

Watch “Black Water,” our Song Pick of the Day below or listen to the song on your favorite streaming service:

(Photo: Adrian Villagomez)

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