Laura Veirs – Seaside Haiku [Video]



Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs – Seaside Haiku [Video]

“Seaside Haiku” is exactly that: a song born from haikus written in Seaside, Oregon. The gritty but cheerful song about doing your own thing is the second single off “Found Light,” the 12th album by Oregon-based singer/songwriter Laura Veirs. It is the first one she co-produced after focusing on songwriting and leaving production duties to her former husband. Laura explains:

“This song captures the feeling I had of my emerging independence as a solo woman in the world during that wintry time. It’s been a learning curve for me to figure out how not to give too much of myself in relationships at the expense of my own needs. This is a song to remind myself of that, and also to remind all women who are socialized to give so much to others. It’s a call to hold onto our strength and power and to share it reciprocally instead of blithely giving it away.”

Watch the video, directed by Devin Jane Febbroriello here:

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