Elis Noa – Mad About You



Elis Noa

Elis Noa – Mad About You

We know Elis Noa from Vienna, Austria, for their elegant future pop since 2019, back then still as a three-piece. They are about to release their second full-length, “I Was About To Leave,” this Friday. The latest single, “Mad About You,” had some self-therapeutic effects on singer Elisa as she reveals here:

“As we wandered through the very different stages of letting go, ‘Mad About You’ is a moment of anger and disappointment. I felt misunderstood, left out and pushed away. It is also a crucial song and turning point inside the album. While writing, I understood that all anger and disappointment really were an expression of myself, responding to inner insecurities and expectations. I realised that my feelings belonged to me and were my responsibility. How somebody makes you feel has a lot to do with yourself and very little with the other”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Mad About You,” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

(Photo: Dominik Friess)

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