Katy J Pearson – Alligator [Video]



Katy J Pearson – Alligator [Video]

As a teenage girl in the 80s, I wish someone as utterly amazing as Katy J Pearson would have been around! I would have played her songs until the tape in my walkman started to give up. I also would have decorated my room with posters and magazine snippets of her. Heck! I’ll be proudly displaying Katy’s upcoming album Sound Of The Morning next to my turntable where all the new vinyl goes, and can’t wait to play the record on repeat.

Until the album’s release, we can luckily enjoy another magnificent track, the highly personal and oh-so-catchy “Alligator,” of which Katy says:

I wrote this track with Dan Carey at his Streatham studio. The day we did so I was having the worst morning ever; I was really stressed as I had a £500 electric bill that I had to pay. I burst into tears at the studio and from that feeling, the song just surfaced from all my anxieties. The lyrics are quite literal and were born from the idea of dissociation when experiencing anxiety. The chorus note ‘it felt just like a dream, and it keeps on happening’ refers to when you are really stressed, things just don’t seem real. There is this juxtaposition between the lyrics and the soaring chorus which is quite euphoric – it’s quite tongue in cheek and I like that about it. Dan played the bass on this track and Yuri from the band Honeyglaze played drums which really gives the track some gusto!

Understanding the importance of also delivering a visual message, Katy J Person accompanies many of her singles with videos and each one of these little music films is a gem one way or the other.

Talking about the surreal, deeply personal video, director Edie Lawrence adds:

“Alligator” came about once we spoke about the track’s theme of paranoia, anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Panic attacks tend to mess with your perspective amongst other things, which is where the idea of placing Katy in a shrinking cafe of hysterical bean shovelling, age switching, glass eating customers came to me. Everything in the cafe was made to look as if Katy was sat in one of my miniature sets- so all food was made from latex, clay and gelatine and the counter, fridge, doors and frames were all made from cardboard. Katy was a dream to work with and completely trusted my vision throughout, I’m really excited about working with her again on future projects.

Amazing to learn how this video came together and we’re already looking forward to the next one. The blissfully booming and mesmerizing “Alligator” is following the fantastic “Talk Over Town” (watching the video is a must) and the lovely and playful “Game Of Cards” and we can’t wait for Sound Of The Morning to come out! 42 more days to go because the album is about to drop on July 8, 2022, via Heavenly Recording.

If you’re living in the UK or visiting the island, then you’re in luck because Katy is touring up and down throughout summer into fall, with plenty of opportunities to see her live.

Watch and enjoy “Alligator,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Katy J Pearson and add “Allligator” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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