ASHRR – No Garden



ASHRR – No Garden

ASHRR is the musical project of Grammy award-nominated producer Ethan Allen, vocalist Steven Davis, and pianist and multi-instrumentalist Josh Charles, who blend their collective sum of influences into mesmerizing interplanetary recordings for the desert, the city, or the beach. Yesterday, they released the gorgeous and instantly irresistible “No Garden.”

Asked about “No Garden,” Ethan Allen offers:

We’ve all passed through periods when it seems Murphy’s Law seems to stack the deck against you at every turn. To me, this song is about human resilience, determination, belief, hope; in the face of unrelenting resistance and obstacles. ‘I won’t let you take me down‘ is a personal declaration that you won’t allow your dreams or yourself to be defeated. “No Garden” is a comment on how creativity and life only offer abundance when you place intention towards them. It doesn’t happen by accident. Self awareness leads to manifestation.

What a beautiful sentiment, for a magnificent, and highly captivating song. Getting older, it also becomes true by the day that one must put intention towards one’s dreams because you can’t let fate make the decisions.

Listen to “No Garden,” our Song Pick of the Day, and continue listening with the gorgeous remixes:

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