Little Suspicions – Giving Up The Ghost



Little Suspicions – Giving Up The Ghost

“Giving Up The Ghost,” the new single by Little Suspicions takes you by the hand and leads you to the Italian riviera, for a little evening stroll. Add some nostalgia and 60s flourishes, including lyric pieces in Italian and the result is an unforgettable and utterly irresistible song. Moritz Meyns (vocals), Conor Toner (guitar), Craig Barden (bass), and Joey Lyon (drums) create music that is instantly alluring, igniting a myriad of feelings.

When asked about “Giving Up The Ghost” they say:

Bar to bar, drink to drink, bleary eyed little suspicions drift along in search for their lover. The song takes you on a star crossed lovers pub crawl from The Nags Head to The Crown, only for hopes to be dashed at empty bar stools, leaving only questions for how their partner feels and a sore head. The single’s artwork is a visual representation of this feeling. Giving up the Ghost isn’t our story, though. We found it easier to write this song as a confession from the perspective of the antagonist.

Listen to “Giving Up The Ghost,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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