Hallan – Sich Übergeben



Hallan – Sich Übergeben

British post-punk quartet Hallan seem to have enough if the title of their latest single is any indication. The urgently pulsating track is called “Sich Übergeben” and tackles a chain of situations that can make you sick to your stomach. Conor
Celements’ frenetic visceral vocal delivery brings the importance of the message home, lightened up by a pretty synth line and a mesmerizing beat.

Asked about “Sich Übergeben,’ out via Nice Swan Records, Hallan say:

“Sich Übergeben” (translating to “to vomit”) deals with our British tendencies to spew forth from our gullets, unloading our ill-informed and rather unwanted opinions onto others, the interwebs and beyond. From our living room thrones we strategize and glamourise, acting upon misinformation through hypocritical means. It’s not too long before spewing becomes physical, and suddenly a father figure spews from his plane upon the foreign sunnyland soil, covering the precious ground in British vomit, clutching a pint in one hand and his health-card in the other. His alien son looks on. ‘Who is this man and who is my father?’

The usage of a German verb seems to intensify the importance of the message, or is it because I understand it so well?  It feels like hitting the bull’s eye, in a catchy wrapping.

Listen to “Sich Übergeben,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Kyle Fletcher

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