This Coast Bias – still not ok



This Coast Bias – still not ok

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Clay Milford makes music under the moniker This Coast Bias, and his latest single “still not ok” is a beautiful example of catchy pop meets compelling guitar rock, topped off with pleasantly powerful vocals. Asked about his musical style, the Oklahoma City-based musician says:

I like to call the kind of music I write breakup pop. I always seem to end up writing music about things that annoy me in relationships, but don’t most people do that?

Milford offers further about his musical upbringing:

I grew up on a hefty diet of disco and funk from my mom and rock from my dad. I might listen to Led Zeppelin for a week and then be sick of them and only wanna hear Donna Summer for a month straight. I don’t think you should have to pick between genres as a listener or a musician, and these days, the lines are more and more blurred by the day anyway.

It always touches me to hear with what kind of music musicians grew up. Today’s twenty-somethings are so lucky to be exposed to a plethora of great stuff! The record “collection” of my parents was not existing, safe a few 50s evergreens from my mom. Hence maybe my appetite to discover cool NEW music, and listening to This Coast Bias’ other single releases, this IS a great new discovery.

Listen to “still not ok,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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