Celestial North – The Nature Of Light



Celestial North – The Nature Of Light

Celestial North is a fascinating, multi-faceted musician, at home in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her pure and emotive vocals paired with her exquisite songwriting make me think of Kate Bush or Grimes. That’s right because Celestial North’s music defies being pressed in just one genre as she combines heavy synths with airy harp tone as in her latest release “The Nature Of Light” or super-soft piano tones over a shimmering bed of strings like in her captivating cover of R.E.M.’s “Nightswimming.” In essence, her songs are marked by an ethereal, delicate vibe, and “The Nature Of Light” was inspired by her studies as a Herbalist. She says:

Innate knowledge imbued within us all and accessed through intimate, synergistic and intuitive relationships within our natural kingdoms.

The song features her young daughter Iris Bluebell and was written to inspire her children to walk into an unknown future with courage and love in their hearts. Beautiful!

Listen to “The Nature Of Light,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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