The Mary Onettes – What I Feel In Some Places



The Mary Onettes – What I Feel In Some Places

It’s been a while since Sweden’s The Mary Onettes released new music but here they are with the lush and beautiful “What I Feel In Some Places.” True to their dreamy signature sound, the track swirls and glistens and absolutely delights. On July 1st, they will release their three-track EP What I Feel In Some Places via Westside Music Sweden.

Philip Ekström says about their new single:

“What I Feel In Some Places” was one of the first songs we experimented with when we wanted to explore the direction for the new album. We had some idea to take inspiration from Peter Gabriels typical 80’s rhythms and let it blend with the more dreamy The Mary Onettes landscapes. The song is about always being a bit unsure about your surroundings. Having the feeling that you take in everything. That the room eats you up. Buildings fall over you. That the world constantly points at you like a spear.

Listen to “What I Feel In Some Places,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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