Rani Adi – Starkissed



Rani Adi

Rani Adi – Starkissed

“Starkissed” is a song about love that cannot overcome obstacles that should not exist in the first place. L.A.-based singer and songwriter Rani Adi co-produced this hazy track that climaxes in a hot guitar solo. Attraction and rejection collide here, but the song leaves you with pleasant euphoria.

Rani Adi gives some background:

“I co-wrote and co-produced ‘Starkissed’ with my best friend and collaborator, Cole Mitchell. I had just gotten out of a complicated relationship with a girl who was closeted, and I wanted the song to capture that feeling of being in a euphoric but toxic relationship. We worked through the night and created Starkissed, which perfectly encapsulated my experiences of love, lust, heartbreak, and yearning.”

Listen to “Starkissed,” our Song Pick of the Day, here:

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