Beau – Even If You’re Gone




Beau – Even If You’re Gone

Breakups are rarely equal, and when one side quickly moves on with somebody else, the other suffers even more. If such a situation touches a personal memory, the emotional intensity of “Even If You’re Gone” will give you serious chills. The New York City musicians Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney aka Beau do not hold back here: the way the song builds around Heather’s expressive vocals it is hard to stay unmoved.

Beau say about the song:

“‘Even If You’re Gone’ is a song about losing the one you love to someone else. The song is about holding on and that even if the love of your life has found someone else, you can’t help but stay connected. This song is that connection.”

Listen to “Even If You’re Gone,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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