Claude – roses [Video]




Claude – roses [Video]

Claude is the stage name of Chicago-based musician Claudia Ferme. Her new song “roses” is a gently flowing and swirling dream-pop piece about being too hard to yourself. The track will be on Claude’s beautiful debut album “a lot’s gonna change,” out on August 12 on American Dreams Records.

Claude tells us about the inspiration behind the song:

“‘roses’ was inspired by a line in Love in the Time of Cholera where the protagonist starts eating flowers and roses because of how obsessed with someone he is. I think in the novel it’s supposed to symbolize how his obsession became all-consuming but I thought about a rose and the thorns on its stem and how someone eating a rose was a perfect metaphor for how as humans we’re so self-torturous, mentally and emotionally, and very unforgiving of ourselves. In the video, we wanted to show this imagery in a more abstract way while still including actual roses – I made the purple top and gray dress and am wearing other pieces that have peaks and spikes and that play with the making and release of tension to show the back and forth we have with ourselves in certain situations.”

Watch the video for “roses,” directed by Reilly Drew:

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

(Photo: Reilly Drew)

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