Halley Greg – The Ocean [Premiere]



Halley Greg – The Ocean [Premiere]

Songwriter, singer and producer Halley Greg is gearing up to release her second album, Straitjacket, by the end of this month. We got an early listen of the album and immensely enjoy its nine tracks, and are especially excited to exclusively premiere “The Ocean today” – a delightful pop anthem with a sophisticated rock vibe.

Asked about the inspiration for “The Ocean,” the Seattle-based artist says:

I wrote this song in October of 2020, in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. Democracy itself was being threatened, and I felt the urge to write a song that would remind people of their power—the ability we have to rise up en masse against tyranny. As this song was taking shape, I was imagining myself casting a spell of sorts… a spell to reject and eject the narcissistic sharks from our political system.

As someone who is deeply fascinated by the ocean -and I think most of us are- I applaud Halley for having chosen that allegory. The lyrics are extremely powerful and poetic in itself and paired with Halley’s gorgeous vocals and the alluring production, resulting in a timeless anthem and a great reminder that together we are strong.

In case you think with vocals like these, Halley Greg should be on national television and a household name, well, turns out Halley was a “Team Kelly” member on The Voice. With her fantastic second album, she is about to leave these days behind and opens a new chapter as an all-around artist to be reckoned with. Straitjacket, was recorded at London Bridge Studio in Seattle and co-produced by Greg and Eric Lilavois (Ayron Jones), and you can pre-save the album here.

Listen to “The Ocean,” our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

Connect with Halley Greg and add “The Ocean” to your playlist as we will add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic come Friday.

Lyrics, music, vocals, keys: Halley Greg
Lead guitar: Jerett Samples
Bass guitar: Tim Van Buren
Drums and percussion: Paul Davis
Produced by: Halley Greg, Eric Lilavois (and George Wiederkehr on “Lead to Life”)
Recorded & mixed by: Eric Lilavois
Mastered by: Amy Dragon

Photo credit: Kirsch Creative

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