Florence Arman – Stupid Heart



Florence Arman – Stupid Heart

Aren’t we all tempted from time to time to think of our feelings as having a stupid heart? Falling in love with the wrong person but also believing in a person’s words and getting fooled, two just name two examples. I think it is easy to relate to “Stupid Heart,” the new beautiful song by Florence Arman.

The British singer/songwriter, who took our hearts by storm last year with “In A Heartbeat” and “Naked,” says about her newest release:

“Stupid Heart” is the first song I wrote about family stuff.  Being the youngest in my family I think I’ve inherited a bit of baggage, which is normal I think and totally fine, but then again I still want to be able to write very dramatic songs about it.

Listen to “Stupid Heart,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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