Sister Wives – Greater Place



Sister Wives – Greater Place

“’Greater Place’ is our love song to joy,” said Sister Wives, the Sheffield, UK-based band of Donna Lee (vocals/keys/synths), Rose Love (vocals/bass), Liv Willars (vocals/guitar), Lisa O’Hara (vocals/drums). But don’t expect soaring chorales or jubilating string arrangements. The four women stay true to their roots in gritty rock and show you a more down-to-earth version of joy.

Singer Liv Willars explains where the song comes from:

“My son was born a few weeks before the first lockdown, and we spent the first year of his life almost in isolation. Even being alone at home during such a dark time, joy still managed to tear through.”

Sister Wives will release their debut album “Y Gawres,” Welsh for “giantess,” on October 28 via Libertino Records. Watch the joyful video or listen to the song on Bandcamp:

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