Asha Gold – Up To Me



Asha Gold – Up To Me

At first, “Up To Me” may sound like an obsessive relationship. But the airy, bouncy production and the repeated use of the far too familiar word “lockdown” hint that London-based singer/songwriter Asha Gold does not mean it that seriously. In fact, the song is not even about a specific person, as she explains below:

“I had a lot of fun writing ‘Up To Me’ – the quicker tempo pushed me to be inventive with melody and challenged me to tell a story without crowding the space with too many words. The lyrics encapsulate a sort of playful nostalgia: it’s about growing up and entering the real world, and therefore losing the freedom to carelessly spend hours upon hours with my favourite people. I play on the idea of wanting to keep someone trapped inside so that I can have 100% of their time. Louis hints at this needy, childlike behaviour in the production – the beat is incessant whilst the instruments and samples are super playful. I’m so excited to have this track out, in time for a (hopefully) sunny August!”

Listen to “Up To Me,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

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