Lexi Mariah – Queen of Broken Hearts



Lexi Mariah

Lexi Mariah – Queen of Broken Hearts

Lexi Mariah is not the “Queen of Broken Hearts” – she just does not want to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in her relationship. The Connecticut-based singer/songwriter packs her latest song with playful card game metaphors, and while the problems are real, she shows that humor can be the best way out.

Lexi explains:

“Lately I just feel like relationships and even friendships are a gamble and you truly never know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Sometimes people in your life will ‘play fair’ and sometimes they won’t. They might try to avoid showing their true colors at first, but the truth eventually will always come through.”

Listen to “Queen of Broken Hearts,” our Song Pick of the Day, below on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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