It Was All A Dream – Red Roses



It Was All A Dream

It Was All A Dream – Red Roses

Amy Maskell and Sophie Lowe make music together under the name It Was All A Dream. They both sing and play several instruments, so there is much to discover over the almost six minutes of the song. But mostly, “Red Roses” gives you a feeling for the eternal love around us, even when we believe it is lost.

The band says about the song:

“‘Red Roses’ is a song that comes with a deep recognition that love exists within us. Wherever the love is directed, its home is where the heart is. We can give and receive love to others, and we can also enjoy the love we create for ourselves.This is a song dedicated to those who are healing from heartbreak, and a reminder that the more you nurture your red roses the more they will bloom.”

It Was All A Dream will release their debut EP, “Never Forget You Are Free,” on October 14 via Some Other Planet. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Red Roses,” here:

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