emie nathan – good thing



emie nathan – good thing

Relationships are as important and beautiful as they are -at times- complicated and not necessarily meant to last. We have this idealist notion about forever & always, but that is just an illusion because, ultimately, nothing lasts for an eternity. Well, almost nothing. London-based singer/songwriter emie nathan doesn’t go quite as dark in her new single “good thing,” but she muses about the waning days of a dying relationship that used to be glorious and meaningful. Emie explains:

good thing depicts the breaking point of a very good friendship and the agonizing moment where we decided to call it a day. and I moved home-truthfully it felt like a breakup. What it came down to, was a difference in perspective over what we both needed from that space. We were at cross-purposes, trying to be as respectful as possible but hurting each other in the process looking for comfort in a stressful and confined string of winter months during Covid living together. Simply put, it wasn’t how I think either of us wanted it to be. I’d like to think that good thing encapsulates the maturity behind the decision to leave the apartment & the support we had for one another in our next steps, but to me it also speaks to the sadder undertones of losing an element of friendship and things feeling forever changed.

With its magnificent chorus, maybe we should let a good thing die when it’s hard to find the pulse, “good thing” is the perfect anthem to face the excruciating difficulties of this type of heartbreak.

“good thing” is a cut from emie’s upcoming sophomore EP titled deep down out later this year via Platoon. Listen to “good thing,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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