MVRE x Ida Tosh – Emotions



MVRE x Ida Tosh – Emotions

Swedish producer MVRE (née Anton Josefsson) released the catchy cozy “Emotions” featuring Swedish singer and novelist. Ida Tosh. MVRE is gearing up to release the EP Hyperfuture through Tone Space Records. Asked about the new single, Anton says:

I wanted to make something 100% for myself without thinking about what genre it could fit in or if it “would work”. The results of this was my upcoming EP ‘Hyperfuture’, including ‘Emotions’. This song felt special to me and I wanted the vocals to mirror the emotion that i put into the sounds. I contacted Ida cause I really liked what she was doing w her music and when she came back with these vocals I instantly felt that it brought the whole thing together, it was perfect! This song holds a special place for me, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve made.

Since I don’t know MVRE’s entire body of work (yet!), it’s impossible to know whether “Emotions” would be MVRE’s best song to date, but I fully dig it, its sparkling warmth, the bright vocals, and the crisp production.

Ida Tosh adds her perspective:

The instrumental inspired me a lot to get some feelings out that I still had about the relationship with my ex. I went from having the biggest crush on them to realising that I wasn’t happy and how much I had to put up with just because I was a coward around them.

Listen to “Emotions,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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