Ben Edgar – Cornerstones



Ben Edgar – Cornerstones

“Cornerstones” starts with the most beautiful guitar work, flageolets, and fingerpicking – maybe the guitar equivalent of versatile falsetto vocals. Technicalities or humble ways to describe this beauty aside, Ben Edgar‘s new single is gorgeous and announces the singer/songwriter’s upcoming debut EP. At home in Sydney, Australia, Ben Edgar had his origins in percussive music, and his love of folk led him to fuse the two styles, forging his unique sound as a singer and percussive guitarist. Ben says about the new single:

It takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection, contemplating themes of meaning and mortality. The song culminates in a truly inspiring outro, providing space for introspection, whilst leaving listeners infused with hope they will find what they’re looking.

I can’t wait for the EP to drop in September because this is magnificent!  Listen to “Cornerstones,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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