eeevee & sweep – the one



eeevee & sweep – the one

They must have got a kick out of this: seven ‘e’ out of 11 letters in their combined name. At glamglare, we get a kick out of presenting one of the rare all-female collaborations: eevee and sweeep are both electronic musicians who go all out on their first track, “the one.” The song hovers between experimental ambient and catchy pop, and you never know where it goes next. Fortunately, the two reveal that they are working on an album:

“We met on tour five years ago and have since then been playing back to back in different countries like Poland, Germany etc. But this is the first time we collaborate on productions together. ‘The one’ is the first single of our upcoming album vandalism and selfcare.”

Listen to “the one,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

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