Paper Pools – Portraits



Paper Pools – Portraits

“Portraits,” the new single by Paper Pools, is blissfully beautiful! Hazy, shimmering synths over gentle drums and mesmerizing vocals lure the listener in and make you dig the track from the first bars. Behind the moniker Paper Pools is the Los Angeles-based artist Allen Orr who says about “Portraits:”

This song was inspired by a psychedelic experience I had during the COVID lockdown. The title, “Portraits,” alludes to a friend of mine. She’s a wonderful painter, and we did mushrooms together. It was one of the more visionary experiences I’ve had. It wasn’t like anything I encountered during my childhood. So much organized religion, and especially Jehovah’s Witnesses, is formal and structured. What my friend and I experienced was more like a journey. There was a moment when I thought the two of us were twins in a womb. It felt like we had traveled from birth to death. Then there were other times when I was basically looking down upon myself. It was intense. I know I didn’t actually experience these things, yet they felt very real and turned out to be deeply meaningful.

“Portraits” can be found on Paper Pools’ EP It’s in Our Mind, together with the previous cuts “Turn On Your Lights” and “Evil.” The self-released EP It’s In Our Mind will be out Friday, August 26th, and I can’t wait to spin it up and down! Listen to “Portraits,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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