Palmo X – No Worries [Video]



Palmo X

Palmo X – No Worries [Video]

Xenia Nema is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Ukraine who records under the name Palmo X. The new song is a nostalgic look at the past to inspire hope for the future, despite the current realities in her home country. The elegant, smooth production and the chorus soothe anxieties, and it means even more, when it comes from somebody who lives through the worst of uncertainties.

Xenia says about the song:

“The song and music video is inspired by traveling the south of Ukraine, seeking the cure from adulthood anxiety of an undefined future. Now south Ukraine is partly occupied & destroyed by russians, and the music video just gives me hope and nostalgia at the same time. Soon, I wish we all will live in some stable and safe times, on our land. Ordinary human wishes in the dark times.”

Watch the video for “No Worries” below or listen to our Song Pick of the Day on Bandcamp:

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