your hands – floating



your hands – floating

Johannes Brandstrup is a musician from Viborg, Denmark, who makes elegant and irresistibly catchy pop under the moniker your hands. His new single “floating” rides a gentle, shimmering wave of carefreeness and curiosity. Asked about “floating,” Johannes says:

This song is made out of waves of sudden, intuitive decisions. I hope it’ll create the feeling of riding your bicycle on a sunny day with absolutely no plans but to follow the road, wherever it may take you and your spinning wheels. ‘Floating’ is the shape of carefree happiness – a surrender to a life of ease.

While such a blissful approach to life might sound naive when taken isolated, it certainly helps to receive a reminder to sometimes “just let go” and enjoy life a little; embracing the small pleasures like the warm sun on your skin after a row of grey days or a really good cup of coffee. This song marks your hands’ debut single, and it’ll be exciting to hear what the Danish independent artist will come up with next. We’re definitely in for another ride of good vibes!

Listen to “floating,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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