Cate Le Bon – Typical Love [Video]



Cate Le Bon – Typical Love [Video]

Welsh singer, songwriter, and producer Cate Le Bon released her sixth full-length studio album Pompeii on February 4th, promoting it with an extensive tour through the US and Europe. We decided to be part of the tour kick-off and traveled upstate to see Cate and her fabulous live band putting up a show to remember at Woodstock’s Colony. If you’d like to be in for a treat, check out these tour dates and get yourself a ticket because Cate Le Bon is still touring and might be hitting your town.

To see Cate Le Bon live or not got even made easier thanks to “Typical Love,” a booming, darkly shimmering, and highly mesmerizing new single. The song’s astonishing flow pokes at your heart and fills it with a melody and rhythm inescapably exquisite and hypnotic. It is also slightly unsettling, very subtly – a sign that this is NOT your “typical love” or pop song.

Asked about her newest creation, Cate Le Bon says:

“Typical Love” was a product of a rare jam session with dearest genius friend, Stella Mozgawa. The outline, written on bass along to one of Stella’s infectious grooves, was taken into the Pompeii sessions where I disassembled and reassembled it many times but it always felt like a second cousin to the other tracks so was put aside for a rainy day.

Only a truly giftet artist can make such a statement without sounding pompous because the nine-track Pompeii is grandiose and second cousins are much loved too. “Typical Love” is accompanied by a compelling music video directed by Phil Collins and Stefan Ramírez Pérez, focusing entirely on Cate Le Bon. At one point, she stands there, all glitter and smiles. She calmly pours water into a glass, and the flirtatious smile she throws us is part seduction and part magic.

Scratch that. It’s truly magical because the entire song is!

Listen to “Typical Love,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the video too:

Connect with Cate Le Bon and add “Typical Love” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo Credit: Shady Lane Productions

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