Maeve Steele – Riptide



Maeve Steele

Maeve Steele – Riptide

“Riptide” is the shape-shifting opening track from the debut EP “Overland” by Maeve Steele. The Los Angeles-based artist considers the song the guiding light to finding her approach to music: intimate songs that fall into a sweet spot between singer/songwriter and pop.

Maeve says about the EP:

“I’m really excited to share this EP with the world. I think this is the first time that music has really sounded like me. To me, each song is a different emotion that’s been prominent in my life for the last year or so. In putting together this project, I imagined each feeling as a different area in LA, each with their own sound and aesthetic that come together to form this patchwork. ‘Riptide’ is a house in Laurel Canyon, ‘Red Wine Teeth’ is Malibu at dawn, etc.,”

Listen to “Riptide,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

(Photo: Swoon)

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