Blessed – Redefine



Blessed – Redefine

“Redefine” marks the second single and opening track from art-rock quartet Blessed‘s upcoming album. Titled Circuitous, the record will be available October 28 via Flemish Eye. This is not easy-listening-pop, but this is music that takes you under its wings and makes you listen, and in the process, really enjoy the sprinkled surprises and the intensifying mesmerizing vibe. Without knowing the album (yet), I’d say “Redefine” sets the tone for the entire eight-tracks offering.

When asked about “Redefine,” singer and guitarist Drew Riekman dives into the song’s themes and says:

The idea that we cannot disrupt the status quo only serves someone with power over us. It’s easy to feel that you’re never doing enough, that your mere existence in the face of crushing weights of the world isn’t an act of triumph in itself. We’re generally fed a narrative at this juncture that no one works hard enough, and your circumstances are your own fault exclusively. Being told that the only path forward is working 10 hour days, volunteering your labor to companies that make billions, and that you’ll one day be rewarded is a farce.

Definitely food for thought because there’s no easy way out! Listen to “Redefine,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Heather Saitz

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