Maripool – This Time Again




Maripool – This Time Again

Maripool is the stage name of Portuguese, London-based singer/songwriter and “one-girl” band Natasha Simões. As a self-thought musician, she prefers to work solo and create intimate, edgy, guitar-driven pop songs. Her latest track, “This Time Again,” creates a paradox between works and music. She explains:

“I wrote a really pretty sounding song and I wanted to take it to the extreme with the lyrics. It’s the kind of song where you wouldn’t expect to hear the words ‘I’d like to see you cry, I’d like to see you die’ but at the same time it also made total sense with how I felt. I wanted it to feel like you’re walking through a field of daisies but you’re also really angry.”

Maripool will release her debut EP, “It All Comes At Once,” on October 14 via Practise Music. Watch the video for “This Time Again” below or listen to our Song Pick of the Day on Bandcamp:

(Photo: Carina Simões)

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