Brothertiger – Be True [Video]



Brothertiger – Be True [Video]

Brothertiger, the musical project of singer, songwriter, and producer John Jagos, has announced his fifth studio album, Brothertiger. Throughout the past one and a half years, the gifted Brooklyn-based artist released a flurry of singles in his soft and dreamy style, always irresistibly catchy and never dull. Produced alongside longtime collaborator Jon Markson (Drug Church, Cathedral Bells, Can’t Swim), the self-titled album is accompanied by the new single and music video “Be True.” The track feels like a personal anthem but at the same time, universally applicable: be true to yourself, don’t lose your focus but follow your dreams. When asked about the track’s inspiration, John says:

I had this syllabic rhythm in my head for months and I felt like I needed to make a song around it. It had this specific ‘90s RnB’ vibe to it which I loved. That evolved into the mantra of the song, and from there, I just built around it. Then Jon came in and we added specks of detail all over. I love how heavy it became.

I am a huge fan of Brothertiger, and a day starts well when I can listen to a new single of his or any song really from his previous four albums. “Be True” might be a new favorite, perfect to wind down or whenever in need of a sprinkle of sonic happiness. Have a look and see if Brothertiger plays a show in your city when he goes on tour come November. I have yet to see him live -in a venue- myself, but thoroughly enjoyed Brothertiger’s virtual concerts, which were a fantastic beacon of joy during the dark times of the pandemic!

Listen to “Be True,” our Song Pick of the Day and check out the gorgeous video too:

Connect with Brothertiger and add “Be True” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilesen

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