Alle The Dreamer – Lonely Hallucinations



Alle The Dreamer

Alle The Dreamer – Lonely Hallucinations

What if what you did in the past was a mistake, and where will this leave you in the future? That is what Toronto-based singer/songwriter Alle The Dreamer muses about in her debut single “Lonely Hallucinations.” The song shines with the smart, elegant production that seems to thrive, particularly in the Toronto music scene.

Alle says about the song:

“I wrote this song about being stuck in between the past and the present. It’s a break up song about my inability to see clarity and wanting peace. Feeling paralyzed in my decisions and constantly reliving memories from the past. I also have this deep fear of making mistakes and then regretting them in the future. So it was kind of like all of these mixed feelings that were coming up. You know when someone is talking to you, but you’re just somewhere else, lost in a memory? Yeah that’s Lonely Hallucinations. It’s about all the thoughts and memories that live in your head that no one knows about. “

Listen to “Lonely Hallucinations” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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