JFDR – The Orchid




JFDR – The Orchid

There is always an element of otherworldly beauty in everything Jófríður Ákadóttir aka JFDR does. With her new song, “The Orchid,” the Icelandic musician goes to the core of her art and devotes the song to a flower close to her heart. She says:

“​​I call all my songs orchids. I am obsessed with the flower. It’s a very cunning flower, its beauty has led it to become the most popular plant or flower in the world. It symbolizes (among other things) fertility, and I was thinking a lot about rebirth and a new beginning. Fertility, creativity, beauty and mystery are all embodied by the orchid.”

Musically, “The Orchid” shows her ethereal, electronic side, making her a good match for her new label Houndstooth. Watch the magical video directed by Joseph Burgess or listen to our Song Pick of the Day below on Bandcamp:

(Photo: Dora Duna)

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