Pastis – Waiting on My Girl



Pastis – Waiting on My Girl

“Waiting on My Girl” is an instantly catchy tune that brims with longing and wistfulness. It is the new song by Finnish five-piece Pastis and marks the third single from their upcoming album produced by Lauri Eloranta. Studying the song’s lyrics, I am not sure if the singer really is waiting on someone (doing a service) or is hanging out somewhere, waiting for his girl to show up. In the end, it also doesn’t really matter because the track is beautifully hazy and floats by like a wonderful dream you wish would never end. Asked about “Waiting on My Girl” the band says:

It’s a slow-motion car crash, a musical photograph of a sandstorm in a water glass.

Listen to “Waiting on My Girl,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Ashley Wolf

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