Mauger – Nr 79



Mauger – Nr 79

Does not happen every day that we come across cool new indie-pop from Belgium and the more I am excited to feature “Nr 79” today. The irresistibly catchy track can be found on Mauger‘s sophomore album SHINY, out now. While the entire album is fantastic, “Nr 79” marks for me the stand-out track with its beautiful 70s guitar swagger and swirling psych-rock vibes. This makes me want to see Mauger live, and by closing my eyes, I can feel the tremendous energy that would pulsate through the concert venue and the audience. Asked about “Nr 79,” Mauger says:

“Nr 79” is a wild ride through the ungraspable daily craziness, where one tries to make sense out of everything that’s going on. Where one feels like stuck in a pinball machine. It was recorded in the same way — a very chaotic environment, in a building that was under construction. It was a demo, but we loved the energy too much to do another take. So we kept this version.

I am happy that they kept “Nr 79” in its original version because it is absolutely perfect that way! Listen to “Nr 79,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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